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Payment of Bonus

Payment of Bonus becomes hot topic of discussion across the Human Resource persons of many organizations.

Companies are making strategies to deal with the same. HR Consulting firms are getting involved itself suggesting business partners to deal with current scenario.Government has given a certain class of employees to reason of smile but most of the organizations are not ready to adopt the same and few have even approaches court for its implementation due to retrospective effect.Human Resource belongs from bigger organizations having over 4 figure turnover are advised to suggest management the real fact rather gaining apprise by suggesting non-ethical way of saving the same as later or sooner it may cause problem to the organization.I feel MNCs have developed a good culture by paying bonus to its employee on monthly basis it will not only reduce burden of paying huge amount of bonus at a time also encourage doing something additional at the time of festive seasons.Now even growing companies are adopting culture of CTC instead of deciding take home salary per month. It’s mutually agreed at the time of appointment regarding payment terms and by general nature employees prompted to take maximum salary per month weather it includes bonus part as well.Helis Consulting always committed to its business partners to give best advice and solutions so as to give maximum profit and maximum output through its unmatchable talent force.

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